Giggle Your Way Through the Weekend at These Five Unforgettable Comedy Clubs!

Laughter is one of the best remedies for whatever ails you. Not only does it reduce stress and make us feel happier, but it can also take our minds off the mundane tasks of everyday life. If you’re looking for a way to giggle your way through the weekend – and maybe even beyond – here are five unforgettable comedy clubs that will have you in stitches.

1. The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, California

The Comedy Store in Los Angeles has been serving up belly laughs since 1972. Some of the biggest names in comedy have graced its stage including Richard Pryor, Robin Williams, Jay Leno, Eddie Murphy, Ellen Degeneres and many more. The Comedy Store has hosted its own TV series and produced shows such as “Comic Relief”, “An Evening at the Improv”, and more recently “Endgame with Pete Holmquist” which stars comedians Pete Holmes, Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Hardwick and many more. Although it is currently closed due to Covid-19 precautions, keep an eye out for when they reopen their doors once again as this legendary venue promises plenty of side-splitting laughter.

2. Second City Chicago in Chicago , IL

Second City Chicago is a world-renowned institution dating back over fifty years ago when fledgling comics like John Belushi and Bill Murray got their start on stage. It offers classes in improvisational comedy as well as professional performances from some of today’s funniest performers such as Stephen Colbert who received his degree from Second City before becoming a star of both television and film. This comedy club also supports local talent and creates an environment where aspiring performers can hone their craft so that others can experience the same joy they had when they first discovered improv comedy.

3. Gotham Comedy Club in New York City , NY

Gotham Comedy Club in New York City has been around since 1996—longer than any other New York-based venue—and continues to shake up the city’s nightlife with its unique brand of entertainment. With stars like Chris Rock and Jon Stewart getting their start at Gotham’s very own Amateur Night, Gotham Comedy Club knows how to spot a funny person just waiting to explode into stardom. Billed as “the best place to laugh” in town (which may or may not be true), Gotham offers an ever-changing lineup featuring nationally acclaimed standup comics alongside local talent looking for their big break.

4. Punch Line San Francisco, CA
Fixing smiles since 1978; Punch Line San Francisco has served as home to some of the greatest comedic minds that America has ever seen including: Robin Williams (no relation), Dave Chappelle, Patton Oswalt and current Saturday Night Live cast members like Aidy Bryant who got her start on Punch Line’s stage! Punch Line San Francisco is not just another comedy club but showcases everything from musical acts to sketch revues during its evening shows, making it one of the city’s most vibrant live entertainment venues for people of all ages who want something a bit different every time they visit this classic spot. The Punch line serves up classic food from sandwiches to entrees making it easier for visitors to stay longer throughout the evening show otherwise known as an “evening special” where customers pay one price per person for guaranteed seating plus drinks at the bar or café menu!

5 . The HaHa Cafe Hollywood , CA
The HaHa Cafe Hollywood has been providing proof for over 2 decades now that there really is no business like show business! Providing top notch late night entertainment – including some pretty epic celebrity guest appearances – this delightful venue boasts some pretty impressive credentials… having been named Los Angeles Magazine’s Best Little Comedy Club on three separate occasions already! Also offering Valentines Day specials deals meals + Drinks + either VIP reserved seating option which includes 1 drink + buffet access included OR free admission + open seating inside Patio + outdoor Seating Arrangement , Be sure not to miss their upcoming Saturday Matinee Show Happy Hours starting July 15th between Noon – 4 PM with half prices on all general admission tickets — perfect way to get everyone laughing while still leaving plenty time left in your weekend plans!

So there you have it – five unforgettable comedy clubs sure to give you a good weekend giggle ! With emphasis on great food – drinks – & lots laughter , Nothing beats rediscovering your sense humor then sharing moments filled with fun laughter ! So put on your dancing shoes & go make some memories this weekend !