Master of Ceremonies: Meet the Most Famous Comedians Working at Top Comedy Clubs Today

The world of stand up comedy has experienced a boom in the past decade with the rise of top comedians like Jerry Seinfeld, Joe Rogan and Amy Schumer becoming elite figures in the comedic realm. Now, more than ever, young aspiring comedians are eager to make their mark on the industry. But what good is a comedian without a great master of ceremonies?

Master of Ceremonies (MCs) typically act as the front person for a show. They introduce performers, set up bits and gags, maintain crowd control and perform their own material to get the audience laughing before introducing the main acts.

To gain an edge in entertainment circles, these MCs must be masters of audience engagement and comic timing. Here’s an introduction to some of the most famous MCs that could be seen working at top comedy clubs across America today:

Mike Birbiglia: With his candid style and clever wit, it’s not surprising that Mike Birbiglia has been one of the busiest and most successful MCs in recent years. From television appearances on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ to critically acclaimed Hollywood films such as ‘Don’t Think Twice’, Birbiglia has earned his place as one of America’s favorite comics. He provides a unique twist on stand-up as he interweaves stories from his own life into each performance.

Ali Wong: As one of stand-up’s funniest female comics, Ali Wong has become synonymous with MCing success. Her own Netflix special ‘Baby Cobra’ struck gold with both fans and critics alike, establishing her as an A-list name today. Using cunning puns and wry observations about race and gender issues makes her material both cutting-edge yet accessible simultaneously. Easily one of the most in-demand club hosts today.

Eddie Izzard: A veteran in every sense of the word, Eddie Izzard established himself as a leading figure in Laugh Out London during its heyday before relocating to America two decades ago. His performances enthrall large crowds with witty observations on topics like politics and culture while simultaneously entertaining them with deadpan delivery – traits which make him an ideal entertaining figure amongst any crowd setting. His sharp sense of humour makes him consistently sought after wherever he goes – from college campuses to mainstream venues such as The Comedy Store & The Laugh Factory on Sunset Boulevard!

Josie Long: Sharpness is something Josie Long excels at and is why she is one of entertainment’s most treasured performers today – working alongside high profile actors such as Steve Coogan & Ben Stiller in ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ & ‘Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb respectively’. Her super dry deliveries ensure crowds are entertained throughout her entire set; using her charming observations on human nature she creates laughs from even serious situations flawlessly . She is admired by many comedians as one of Britain’s best female artistes earning herself overwhelming praise since she stepped onto the scene twelve years ago!

These four comedians all have successfully demonstrated how innovative techniques can help build an audience quickly whilst providing some comical relief over long sets – proving just how valuable being an effective master or mistress of ceremonies can be to any comedic venue! It is this array of talents which elevate MC roles within stand-up comedy so much higher than similar roles realized within other genres – make sure you keep track of these illustrious personalities if you ever get the opportunity to see them take charge at your local venue!